8th Mar. 2001

Shunde Lixin Terminal Branch (Folangsi's predecessor) established. Our dream flies!

Mar. 2002

Jiangmen Terminal Branch established

Mar. 2003

Zhongshan Terminal Branch established.

Oct. 2004

Headquartered in Shunde, implementing elementary chain-store management for forklift sales.

Nov. 2004

Zhuhai Terminal Branch established.

Aug. 2006

Foshan Terminal Branch established.

May 2007

Guangzhou Panyu Terminal Branch established.

Aug. 2007

Dongguan Terminal Branch established.

Jan. 2008

Guangzhou Parts Branch established, Our group has 2 specialized divisions: forklifts and forklift parts. The group renamed to Folangsi, the folangsi trademark is registered in P.R.China

Mar. 2008 Group set up Parts International Division, expanding global business of forklift parts.

Mar. 2009

Gaoming Terminal Branch, Huangpu Terminal Branch, Zhaoqing Terminal Branch gradually established.

Mar. 2010

The headquarters moved from Shunde to Guangzhou.

Jul. 2010

Guangzhou Xinze Forklift Rental Company established. Folangsi Group has 3 business units: Parts sales, Forklift sales and Rentals

Sept. 2010

Folangsi Group achieved ISO9001 Quality Management System certification. Chinas first ISO9001-certified forklift parts trading enterprise.

Mar. 2011

Parts domestic business expanding nationally, parts branches gradually established in Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao and Chongqing.

May. 2011

Parts international business is geographically divided into 8 regions: Southeast Asia & South Asia, Western Europe, North-central Europe, South America, North America & Oceania, CIS, Middle East, Africa.

Sept. 2011

Obtaining venture capital from Shenzhen Xinyu, Folangsi Group participates in domestic capital market operation.

Nov. 2011

Folangsi Group joins China Forklift Agency Association(CFAA) and is elected as the vice-president unit.

Jan. 2012

The new garden-style headquarters completed and is fully operational.

Mar. 2012

Parts branches established in Dalian, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Hefei, Wuxi, Nanjing, Jinan, Tianjin and Chengdu.

Oct. 2012

Successfully implementing ERP system, Group entered the era of information management.

Dec. 2012

The 4 logistics bases set up in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chengdu.

Jan. 2013

Changzhou Terminal Branch established.

Apr. 2013

Shenyanglogistics base is fully operational.

May. 2013

Wuhan Parts Branch, Shenzhen Terminal Branch & Wuxi Terminal Branch gradually established

Jun. 2013

Ningbo Parts Branch established

Jul. 2013

2nd round raising capital Folangsi cooperating with Eastern Bell Venture Capital

(Eastern Bell Venture Capital is a RMB Private Equity Funds with expertise in investment in consumer services sectors, especially enjoys a high reputation in logistics and supply chain investment.)

Jul. 2013

Group Organizational Restructuring increase 4 Resource Management Centers

Aug. 2013

Shanghai Pudong Terminal Branch, Shanghai Shongjiang Terminal Branch and Zhengzhou parts branch gradually established

Oct. 2013

Terminal Branches gradually established in Kunshan, Tianjin, Qingdao

Dec. 2013

Terminal Branches established in Chongqing and Beijing

Dec. 2013

Folangsi formally signed contract with 3 major intermediaries: Industrial Securities, Pan-China Certified Public Accountants LLP and Guangzhou Zhong Lun Law Firm for the entry into access to the process of going public

Jan. 2014

Shanghai Jiading Branch, Wuhan Branch, Dalian Branch set up gradually.